Luc St.Pierre began playing music at 6 years old. Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1965, he studied piano for many years while performing in a variety of musical ensembles before entering the Universite de Montreal to pursue his interests in orchestral and electroacoustic composition with Alan Belkin and Marcelles Deschesnes. He subsequently worked in both the U.K. and Belgium collaborating with several world renowned producers to develop his eclectic and highly original style.

Nominated three times for a Gemeaux Award in the category of Best Music For Drama, Luc St.Pierre's work continues to draw on a very broad range of musical influences, allowing him to create masterful compositions in genres as diverse as 'trip-hop' and electronic soundscape, to classical orchestral scores of great sophistication and beauty.








By Jason Alexander

“ Great album ”

I personally love stealth games and this album lives up to that sense of danger around every corner while clinging to the shadows kind of thing. If you like that kind of stuff then this soundtrack is just for you.